Welcome: Warrior22 Mental Health Awareness Blog

Hey all!

Welcome to Warrior22, as you know through our about us, the inspiration behind our brand is mental health. In the United States alone suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, and worldwide makes up about 800,000 deaths a year. Here at Warrior22 we hope to make a difference, not only through fashion, but also through community service, events, and just overall giving back. There are so many silent warriors that hope to be understood, and we are here to say that we care, and you are not alone. 

Mental Health and fashion continue to play off of one another, even showing moods by apparel choice for a particular day. Some experiencing depression or anxiety on a certain day may choose to wear more of a clothing style that pertains to comfort, such as hoodies and or joggers. Regardless, you will find a correlation in an individuals emotional state, being displayed through an outer expression such as fashion.

At Warrior22, we choose designs that create positivity and upliftment, and clothing that provides comfort no matter the mood. Our goal, is to provide our warriors with an extra boost of confidence, while being proud of the brand they wear.

Thank you again for all the love and support, and we hope that our brand returns it back to you tenfold!

"The Inner Warrior Is Our Brand, Mental Health Is Our Cause."

Best Regards,

Rosie Elenbaum


Warrior22 LLC